Denver Survival ELITE 72 Hour Bug Out Bag

Denver Survival ELITE 72 Hour Bug Out Bag

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The Denver Survival ELITE Bug Out Bag was Built For Those Who Require a Higher Level of Durability and Quality in Their Bug Out Bag. Built Extra Tough for those in Extreme Conditions including: Off Grid Living, Power Outages, Emergencies including Earthquakes, Wildfires, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and More. Perfect for First Responders or Anyone Who Would Like A Higher Durability Bug Out Bag Compared to Most Competitors.

  • 184 Piece First Aid Kit: In the aftermath of a hurricane, wildfire, or tornado, injuries are common. The comprehensive first aid kit becomes crucial for treating wounds and various medical emergencies. 2 Layer Automatic Opening Tent: The automatic opening tent offers swift and secure shelter, providing protection from the elements.
  • 2000mAh Emergency NOAA Radio: Stay informed about evolving weather conditions and emergency updates during hurricanes, wildfires, or tornadoes with the NOAA radio, ensuring you can make informed decisions and stay ahead of potential dangers. Paracord and Survival Shovel: The paracord can be used for various tasks, from securing a makeshift shelter to crafting emergency tools. The survival shovel aids in clearing pathways and creating emergency shelters.
  • LED COB Solar Lantern: In situations where power is compromised, such as during a hurricane or tornado, the solar lantern becomes a reliable source of illumination, ensuring visibility during dark hours and providing a sense of security. Hickory Handle Hatchet: The hatchet proves invaluable for processing wood, clearing debris, and building emergency structures for shelter and warmth.
  • 60 Liter Tactical Backpack: During evacuation or relocation, the tactical backpack offers organized storage for essential items, ensuring you can carry necessities with ease and remain mobile. 5 Watt 2 Way Radios: Communication is vital in emergency situations. The 5 Watt 2 Way Radios enable seamless coordination with family or emergency responders, facilitating effective communication during evacuations or search and rescue operations.
  • Mummy Sleeping Bag: When shelter options are limited, the mummy sleeping bag provides warmth and protection against the elements, ensuring restful sleep in challenging environments. 10 Piece Stainless Steel Camping Cook set and Foldable Stove: The ability to cook outdoors becomes essential when infrastructure is compromised. The cook set and foldable stove allow for preparing hot meals and boiling water.
  • Compass: In the aftermath of a disaster, familiar landmarks may be altered. The compass becomes a critical tool for navigation, helping you find your way to safety or locate key resources. Fire Starter, Emergency Blanket, Whistle: These tools contribute to survival in various ways, from igniting fires for warmth and signaling for help with the whistle to providing essential insulation with the emergency blanket in challenging weather conditions.
  • 3 Days of Food and Water: Access to food and clean water may be limited in an emergency. The three days' worth of sustenance ensures you have the energy needed to navigate the aftermath.

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Brett Repko
Bug Out Bag

I could not be happier with all the stuff that came with my 72 Hour Bug Out Bag. It truly has everything I will need in case of emergency. The bag itself is great quality, and seems very durable. The size of the bag is also perfect.. it fit everything that comes with the kit, plus there is plenty of extra room for personal items, like change of clothes, towels, shoes, etc. Overall, I am very satisfied with this bag. My wife and I each have our own.

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